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The Seat Post Height Clamp by PAP Design is the first of its kind and originally conceived in its current form over 10 year’s ago. It's an individually hand-crafted 3D printed bicycle accessory making each one unique, and every effort is taken to ensure they are as perfect as possible using my jewellery making skills.

Once fitted to a seatpost, it is intended to act as a 'saddle height marker' to help you find an 'optimum cycling seat height' with 100% precision, but in a more practical and stylish way instead of using the seatpost guidelines or tape to mark the height.

I had the idea while as a cycle courier where I'd be cycling for up to 8 hours a day, and would wrap electrical tape around my seatpost to ensure the same cycling-seat-height for a comfortable day's ride. I could also quickly remove and re-insert my seatpost at a preferred height after carrying-out a collection or a delivery, thus preventing seatpost theft too.

The cycling health related benefits of using a Seat Post Height Clamp is to lessen the risk of tearing the ‘Lateral Meniscus Fibrocartilaginous Band'. This type of knee injury tear can occur if a preferred cycling-seat-height is not maintained once found.

If you provide a professional bicycle fitting service or build bicycles for customers, using a Seat Post Height Clamp ensures finding a comfortable and precise saddle-height for the client. It also comes in handy when carrying out bicycle maintenance, and when removing-and-replacing the seatpost for those vehicle related transportation reasons.

To lessen the chance of your saddle/seatpost combination from being stolen after you’ve padlocked your bicycle in a public place, simply remove it with the Seat Post Height Clamp fitted and take it with you, then when you return, you can quickly reinsert it at the same height.

Product Features

• ABS Material (new Super Strong Construction)

• Sizes: Ø27.2mm, Ø30.9mm, Ø31.6mm (Circular Seatpost Diameter Sizes)

• Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Pink, Red, Silver, White, and Yellow

• Seat Post Height Clamp Weight: 5-7g (max)

• Additional Items: Allen Key, Spare Bolt, Fitting Instructions, Logo Sticker

Product Materials

• ABS Filament (available in 11 colours)

• Aluminium Alloy Metal (investement required)

• Nylon Carbon Fibre Filament (available soon)

• Titanium Metal (available soon)

Product Prices

Prices vary according to the product's materials, the fittings, the size and shape of a seatpost, and 'Current Promotion'.

• Current Promotion: 'Reduced International Postage' for orders via Amazon, eBay, or Etsy.

Placing An Order

When placing an order by e-mail, by PayPal (@papdesign), or by using the contact form below for a Seat Post Height Clamp with circular seatpost dimensions, please use this order format example: (31.6, Red, 1 Item), (30.9, Green, 2 Items), (27.2, Blue, 9 Items) and so on.

Don't forget to include your contact and delivery details when you get in touch to place an order, and please add a date and time if you'd like to collect your order in person.

Allow 1-7 days to process an order, depending on the sizes, type, and quantity.

Payments To PAP Design

Payments for your order are accepted via PayPal or the PayPal Here Card Reader only unless agreed otherwise. Your order will then be processed after your payment has been received.

To make a payment for your order, please visit PayPal:

To send payments via your PayPal Account, please only use the following PayPal User Name: @papdesign

PAPDESIGN and/or PayPal will be shown in your Bank Statement as a reference for the payment transaction for the total cost of you order.

Refunds & Returns

Unhappy with your Seat Post Height Clamp? You'll be given a full refund after you return it in the same saleable conditon.

Accidently damage your Seat Post Height Clamp when fitting it? You'll receive one replacement at no extra cost.

Online Shops

• To order via Amazon, visit:

• To order via eBay, visit:

• To order via Etsy, visit:

The online shops may have separate prices, postal costs, promotions, and their own terms and conditions.

Seat Post Height Clamp Stockist

• Alison's Biciclette, visit:

Stockists may have separate prices, postal costs, promotions, and their own terms and conditions.

Postal & Packaging Costs

The postal costs vary depending on the packaging type, package weight, and the destination of your order, but to send up to 4 items in one package, use the following examples:

• UK Orders: from £1.05 to send 1-4 items (large letter)

• EU Orders: from £3.25 to send 1-4 items (large letter)

• USA Orders: from £4.20 to send 1-4 items (large letter)

• Japan Orders: from £4.20 to send 1-4 items (large letter)

(Import Taxes May Apply)

All deliveries are by Royal Mail only. For more information on the delivery costs and the postal services such as: 1st Class, 2nd Class, Tracked & Signed, and World Wide, please visit:

Privacy Notice

• Your personal information and/or payment details are not stored, used, or processed by this website.

• Your contact details and delivery details may be stored by PAP Design to process your order and for customer service related reasons such as: order queries, delivery issues, and customer feedback.

• Your contact details for processing your order and for customer service related reasons will be deleted at the earliest opportunity upon your request either by phone or by e-mail.

• Your contact details will not be stored, used, or passed-on to anyone, or any company, for any reason without your knowledge, permission, or consent.


Please do not copy, reproduce, vary, or infringe on the 'Intellectual Property Rights' of the Seat Post Height Clamp concept by PAP Design for commercial or personal use or to resale. (Patent Application Ref: GB1405050.4)

Descriptions such as: 'SPH Clamp', 'Seat Post Height Marker', 'Seat Post Marker', 'Saddle Height Marker', 'Item', and 'Product' are also used by PAP Design to describe the Seat Post Height Clamp.

The customer related contact e-mail addresses are: '', '', '', and '

No other email addresses other than those displayed on this website are used by PAP Design for advertising, marketing, sales, and/or to process your Seat Post Height Clamp order.

For investment opportunities, queries, and order information by phone, please call and ask for Paul Powell - I'd be more to happy to hear from you.

Get In Touch To Place An Order

For bespoke orders of a Seat Post Height Clamp, please provide the manufacturer dimensions of the seatpost. All bespoke orders will display the PAP Design logo only - no other logo or company logo will be used.

After you order type has been agreed upon and your happy to proceed to making a payment, you'll then be sent payment request details from PAP Design via PayPal to your e-mail address or your mobile-phone only.

Please check your 'Junk E-Mail Folder' and/or your 'Spam E-Mail Settings' for PayPal Payment e-mails from ''. No other e-mail address is used by PAP Design to request payments via PayPal.

'Get In Touch' by using the contact details displayed on this website only to place an order or to collect your order in person. Expect to make your payment via the PayPal Here Card Reader in person, unless agreed otherwise.

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